Purposely Purposeful

“I feel on my skin.”


Reflections through looking glasses show me a truer image
than any tagged photo will…
Imperfections are evident, like stretch marks on my skin
Will I ever win?

I feel on my skin.

Which title do I wear today?
Name tag for the writing corporation
Because I have always wanted to be a writer…
But is that my true purpose?

I feel on my skin.

I am not content with this job.
I quit. I think I’ll work for friends…
Happiness better spread onto them.
They have become my purpose.

I feel on my skin.

These breakouts become break ups
As friends distance themselves from me
So, now…I’ll be a reader.
Live vicariously through someone else’s purpose.

I feel on my skin.

As I touch each paper edge…
My favorite character is closer to dead.
Hopefulness for a better life fades
When I put this book back into it’s place…

What is my purpose?

Questions scramble through my head
Quicker than eggs
Quaint, yet irrelevant thoughts
Burned for keeping them in my head too long.

One day, I’ll find my purpose…
Where I will no longer look through Alice’s looking glass
And buy a mirror…

Where I can be proud of the image I see

and my purpose that I have accomplished.